My three years as a newcomer in Canada

At the end of the year, it’ll be three years since we left the big city of Lima in Peru to start a new life in Ottawa. How did it turn out? If I have to say something about the big adventure we took 3 years ago, I’d say it has turned out surprisingly well.Continue reading “My three years as a newcomer in Canada”

3 ways to cope with the Christmas blues in Canada

One popular Christmas carol says that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It probably is, when you imagine your entire family together seated around a table full of delicious food prepared by your mother or aunts, and your kids and your nephews and nieces are excited and giggling. But if you’re anContinue reading “3 ways to cope with the Christmas blues in Canada”

All about winter gear to survive the Canadian cold

During my first days in Ottawa, after moving from Peru, I didn’t have proper winter clothing to face the horrendous temperatures that hovered around minus 20 C. I had no idea how I would put up with those harsh days. It must have been the excitement of feeling snow for the first time in myContinue reading “All about winter gear to survive the Canadian cold”


In the past few years, Ottawa has caught the attention of many people as an interesting place to move to, in part due to good job opportunities, and because of relatively affordable housing. That’s why Ottawa has grown a lot in recent years, and many of its residents are people who have arrived from otherContinue reading “OTTAWA: Q & A”

Exploring Britannia: history, beach, and nature in the west of Ottawa

The first time I ended up in Britannia, it was by chance. We were driving back home from the west and we took one street that led us to a charming neighborhood, with beautiful old, very well-kept houses surrounded by big, leafy trees. A sign said: “Britannia Village.” We kept wandering and eventually we cameContinue reading “Exploring Britannia: history, beach, and nature in the west of Ottawa”