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I was born and raised in Lima, and I never imagined I’d move to another country. Actually it was not in my plans. I love to travel, but living in another country didn’t sound appealing to me. I love and feel proud of my home country, Peru. I love its history, its culture heritage, and its food and culinary delights. Of course I love all my relatives, family and friends who live there. But when I got married to a Canadian, I knew that some day I would have to, or at least try, to live in Canada. And that time came in 2017, when my husband suggested we should move. He had lived in Peru for almost 20 years, so I thought it was fair, at least, that I gave it a try. We chose Ottawa as a our place of residence. It is a beautiful city, not big, quiet, with a low crime rate, clean and organized. But from the botton of my heart, I didn’t think I was going to like to live so far away from Peru, without family and friends, without my beloved Peruvian food, and having to put up with such frigid weather. I was so wrong! I inmediately fell in love with Ottawa. I have been in the most populated Canadian cities, like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, but it was Ottawa that won my heart. It was not difficult to love Ottawa, I like it in every way even with its long and cold winters. Every season in Ottawa is lovely. The winter looks kind of romantic to me, spring is refreshing and lively, the summer hot and covered in a voluptuos green, and the fall is full of amazing colors! Besides, the sense of security I have in this city is priceless! Coming from a country that has experienced high levels of violence and crime in the past, the security I feel here is the most valuable thing to me. In the pages of this blog you’ll find why I like Ottawa so much and I aim to be a guide for newcomers and immigrants to Ottawa, to help them navigate through the difficult process of becoming adjusted to their new life in this great city. Welcome!

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  1. So happy to read your message. My children and I plan to move to Ottawa from London UK in 2024 and have enjoyed reading your posts. I have a friend who lives in Nepean but I am interested in other areas of Ottawa from an immigrant’s point of view.

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