The 4 urban beaches in Ottawa to enjoy summer

Now that the summer has arrrived in full force, and seems to be one of the hottest in recent years, people in Ottawa are drawn to the beaches to look for some relief from the heat and to enjoy the wonderful weather. Winters can be really harsh in Ottawa but its summers are just awesome!Continue reading “The 4 urban beaches in Ottawa to enjoy summer”

My first experience in a cottage near Ottawa: two thumbs up!

People say that cottage life is as compelling for Canadians as is their love for hockey. I had always heard from my Canadian husband how awesome it was spend the summer in a lake-front cottage. I am a native of Lima in Peru and have always associated summer days with the ocean. So I wasContinue reading “My first experience in a cottage near Ottawa: two thumbs up!”

4 not so great things about Ottawa

Ottawa has been my home since 2018, and I find this city to be extremely beautiful and charming. I’ll always say good things about it. However, no person, no thing, no country or city is perfect, and Ottawa is no exception. So, in this post I’m going to list the things that aren’t so goodContinue reading “4 not so great things about Ottawa”

5 powerful reasons that’ll make you want to live in Ottawa

Perhaps you have been thinking of Ottawa as a possible place to move, but you have doubts because you’ve always heard that it’s a boring city, that there’s nothing to do or see, that is a totally uninteresting place. Wait! I live in Ottawa and I can tell you, it offers many interesting things andContinue reading “5 powerful reasons that’ll make you want to live in Ottawa”

TEST: Is Ottawa a boring city?

The opinion that Ottawa is a boring city, or so boring, or the most boring city in Canada, is very subjetive. So if you are just curious about this or you really want to know because you might give Ottawa a try and perhaps move to Ottawa, I invite you to play this quiz. *Continue reading “TEST: Is Ottawa a boring city?”

Why canadians hate Ottawa so much

I moved from Lima to Ottawa in the middle of the winter, not a normal winter, but an incredibly cold winter!. So, when spring came and all that white cover disappeared and everything changed to green, I started to discover the real Ottawa, not as a tourist but as a resident. And what I sawContinue reading “Why canadians hate Ottawa so much”

How a Peruvian ended up living in Ottawa

The first time I was in Ottawa, I remember sitting on the grass in front of Parliament Hill thinking how amazing this place is. A magnificent neo-gothic building with a 98 meter tower, whose tip reached to the intense blue sky, and all of this surrounded by historical buildings. I thought it was sort ofContinue reading “How a Peruvian ended up living in Ottawa”