New to winter? How to dress your kids in Canada

Winter hasn’t arrived officially yet but the temperatures are dropping each day. If you’re about to land in Canada you probably are worrying about how to dress your kids properly for them to be able to resist a -15 or -20 degrees Celsius when they go to school in the middle of the winter. ThoseContinue reading “New to winter? How to dress your kids in Canada”

My kids’ experiences adapting to school in Canada

When moving to another country to start a new life, one of the main concerns people with families have is how well their kids are going to adapt to their new schools. Do they have a good command of the country’s language? Are they going to make new friends easily? Will they be happy withContinue reading “My kids’ experiences adapting to school in Canada”

7 great winter activities to do with kids in Ottawa

Right from the start I saw how intense and active outdoor life can be in Canada’s capital. No matter if it is summer or winter, there are always lots of interesting activities. They say, with reason, that Ottawa is a paradise for active people who enjoy the outdoors and nature and who like to involveContinue reading “7 great winter activities to do with kids in Ottawa”

15 great spots to go sledding in Ottawa

One thing I noticed after moving to Ottawa was how keen Canadians here are about winter sports and activities, no matter how freezing cold the temperature is outside. Ice skating, skiing, and snowshoeing are some of the most popular activities, but in my own experience, the most hilarious is definitely sledding down a hill coveredContinue reading “15 great spots to go sledding in Ottawa”

3 ways to cope with the Christmas blues in Canada

One popular Christmas carol says that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It probably is, when you imagine your entire family together seated around a table full of delicious food prepared by your mother or aunts, and your kids and your nephews and nieces are excited and giggling. But if you’re anContinue reading “3 ways to cope with the Christmas blues in Canada”

Exploring Britannia: history, beach, and nature in the west of Ottawa

The first time I ended up in Britannia, it was by chance. We were driving back home from the west and we took one street that led us to a charming neighborhood, with beautiful old, very well-kept houses surrounded by big, leafy trees. A sign said: “Britannia Village.” We kept wandering and eventually we cameContinue reading “Exploring Britannia: history, beach, and nature in the west of Ottawa”

The top 10 secondary schools in Ottawa

Secondary education is the immediate step before heading off to university, so many concerned parents want of course to look for a very good high school to guarantee their children receive the best preparation. Many people interested in moving to Ottawa from nearby cities have asked me which are the best high schools in theContinue reading “The top 10 secondary schools in Ottawa”

The 10 best elementary schools in Ottawa

One of the things that I like the most in Canada is that most kids go to the school nearest to their homes. These are often within walking distance, but the students can also use bikes or take the school bus. It’s easier and stress-free. Who wants to drive for half an hour or moreContinue reading “The 10 best elementary schools in Ottawa”