Great spots to enjoy the Tulip Festival in Ottawa

For many, May is the best month of the year in Ottawa. Not only because it is the month when springtime really arrives, but also because Ottawa cheers up with the blossoming of its emblematic flowers: the tulips, which are the stars of the most renowned festival in Canada’s capital. If you’re new to Ottawa,Continue reading “Great spots to enjoy the Tulip Festival in Ottawa”

Living in Ottawa: Pros and cons

Ottawa is no doubt a very beautiful city. It’s a mix of historic and majestic buildings in its downtown core, surrounded by luscious forests and crossed by three waterways. I’ve always thought that the urban designers did a great job in designing Canada’s capital. But as everything in life, nothing is perfect and no cityContinue reading “Living in Ottawa: Pros and cons”

5 great spots to go for a picnic in Ottawa

Very soon it will become the perfect time to go for a picnic in Ottawa. You know the scenario. There are trees that offer nice shade, and a green, fluffy lawn to sit on while you enjoy the warm weather and some snacks. Ottawa is a green city with vast natural areas and beautiful parks,Continue reading “5 great spots to go for a picnic in Ottawa”

7 great winter activities to do with kids in Ottawa

Right from the start I saw how intense and active outdoor life can be in Canada’s capital. No matter if it is summer or winter, there are always lots of interesting activities. They say, with reason, that Ottawa is a paradise for active people who enjoy the outdoors and nature and who like to involveContinue reading “7 great winter activities to do with kids in Ottawa”

Rideau Canal Skateway: Ottawa’s pride

A long time ago, before I came to Ottawa for the first time, my Canadian husband would tell me how cool it was to skate to work on the Rideau Canal when he lived in the capital of Canada. But I really didn’t know what it was like until we moved to Ottawa in January,Continue reading “Rideau Canal Skateway: Ottawa’s pride”

15 great spots to go sledding in Ottawa

One thing I noticed after moving to Ottawa was how keen Canadians here are about winter sports and activities, no matter how freezing cold the temperature is outside. Ice skating, skiing, and snowshoeing are some of the most popular activities, but in my own experience, the most hilarious is definitely sledding down a hill coveredContinue reading “15 great spots to go sledding in Ottawa”

8 biggest struggles as a newcomer to Canada

It’s soon going to be three years since I moved to Canada, and even though many people will think that I’m not a newcomer anymore, I still feel like one in some ways. It will always be challenging living in another country, speaking another language, trying to assimilate the customs and manners of the locals,Continue reading “8 biggest struggles as a newcomer to Canada”

Hintonburg: Ottawa’s hipster neighborhood

The first time I was in Hintonburg it was a rainy day. I really couldn’t see much but as I lived that time in the East end of Ottawa, I never had the excuse or the curiosity to come back. What a mistake. In the past month I have rediscovered Hintonburg. What I found isContinue reading “Hintonburg: Ottawa’s hipster neighborhood”

Eight reasons why I stayed in Canada

I moved to Ottawa almost three years ago with my Canadian husband after living together in Peru for 17 years. He had become homesick and at the same time, we thought moving would be a great thing for our three children. The truth is that we were not sure we would like the drastic changeContinue reading “Eight reasons why I stayed in Canada”

Major’s Hill: Ottawa’s loveliest park

During my first year living in Ottawa, I spent a lot of time home alone while my husband was at work and my kids at school. To avoid boredom, I sometimes ventured downtown alone by bus. I liked my walks downtown, but my Canadian husband always asked me what I found so interesting downtown ifContinue reading “Major’s Hill: Ottawa’s loveliest park”