In the past few years, Ottawa has caught the attention of many people as an interesting place to move to, in part due to good job opportunities, and because of relatively affordable housing. That’s why Ottawa has grown a lot in recent years, and many of its residents are people who have arrived from otherContinue reading “OTTAWA: Q & A”

Exploring Britannia: history, beach, and nature in the west of Ottawa

The first time I ended up in Britannia, it was by chance. We were driving back home from the west and we took one street that led us to a charming neighborhood, with beautiful old, very well-kept houses surrounded by big, leafy trees. A sign said: “Britannia Village.” We kept wandering and eventually we cameContinue reading “Exploring Britannia: history, beach, and nature in the west of Ottawa”

Hintonburg: Ottawa’s hipster neighborhood

The first time I was in Hintonburg it was a rainy day. I really couldn’t see much but as I lived that time in the East end of Ottawa, I never had the excuse or the curiosity to come back. What a mistake. In the past month I have rediscovered Hintonburg. What I found isContinue reading “Hintonburg: Ottawa’s hipster neighborhood”

A fresh guide to help know Ottawa’s neighbourhoods

Very soon it will be three years since I moved to Ottawa from Lima in Peru, and I must confess that I still sometimes find it difficult to get around the city without an app like Google Maps or Waze. I recognize my own neighborhood and its main streets and avenues, but there are stillContinue reading “A fresh guide to help know Ottawa’s neighbourhoods”

Ottawa’s real estate: hot as a two dollar pistol

It’s not news that the real estate market in Ottawa is really hot these days, even with the Covid-19 pandemic, and that people are often involved in bidding wars when buying a house. Ottawa has been attracting many people lately. It is not for nothing that it was ranked among the top three of theContinue reading “Ottawa’s real estate: hot as a two dollar pistol”