7 great winter activities to do with kids in Ottawa

Right from the start I saw how intense and active outdoor life can be in Canada’s capital. No matter if it is summer or winter, there are always lots of interesting activities. They say, with reason, that Ottawa is a paradise for active people who enjoy the outdoors and nature and who like to involveContinue reading “7 great winter activities to do with kids in Ottawa”

Rideau Canal Skateway: Ottawa’s pride

A long time ago, before I came to Ottawa for the first time, my Canadian husband would tell me how cool it was to skate to work on the Rideau Canal when he lived in the capital of Canada. But I really didn’t know what it was like until we moved to Ottawa in January,Continue reading “Rideau Canal Skateway: Ottawa’s pride”

Five strategies to embrace the Canadian winter

When my Canadian husband told his friends that he was moving back to Canada in the middle of the winter, with wife and three kids who had always lived in Peru and who had never experienced temperatures lower than 14 degrees Celsius, they thought he was crazy. They thought that it was going to beContinue reading “Five strategies to embrace the Canadian winter”

15 great spots to go sledding in Ottawa

One thing I noticed after moving to Ottawa was how keen Canadians here are about winter sports and activities, no matter how freezing cold the temperature is outside. Ice skating, skiing, and snowshoeing are some of the most popular activities, but in my own experience, the most hilarious is definitely sledding down a hill coveredContinue reading “15 great spots to go sledding in Ottawa”