Beacon Hill: the neighborhood of great schools in Ottawa

I often hear a question from people interested in moving to Ottawa:  where are the nicest neighborhoods in Canada’s capital? For people who live in Ottawa it’s kind of difficult to answer that question, not because of a lack of nice neighborhoods, but because practically all neighborhoods in Ottawa are really nice. So, my replyContinue reading “Beacon Hill: the neighborhood of great schools in Ottawa”

Living in Ottawa: Pros and cons

Ottawa is no doubt a very beautiful city. It’s a mix of historic and majestic buildings in its downtown core, surrounded by luscious forests and crossed by three waterways. I’ve always thought that the urban designers did a great job in designing Canada’s capital. But as everything in life, nothing is perfect and no cityContinue reading “Living in Ottawa: Pros and cons”

Algonquin College: one of the best in Ontario and it’s in Ottawa

Once I moved to Ottawa I often heard the name Algonquin. Gradually I understood that people were referring to a college, and apparently a good one because I know of many people who have studied there. But it’s only more recently that I have found out that Algonquin College is one of the best inContinue reading “Algonquin College: one of the best in Ontario and it’s in Ottawa”

Tulip Festival: the most anticipated event in Ottawa

For the second year in a row, Ottawa won’t celebrate its renowned Tulip Festival like it did for 69 years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But the tulips, which are now Ottawa’s trademark, will be there anyway, blossoming and filling with color the capital’s public parks in May. “The tulips are local,” is the sloganContinue reading “Tulip Festival: the most anticipated event in Ottawa”