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I’m Carla Salazar, a Lima-born journalist and newcomer to Canada who fell absolutely in love with Ottawa! Through this blog you will find the reasons why I chose Ottawa as my place of residence; what are the advantages of living in Ottawa, what are its best features; when is the ideal time to visit, and other interesting things about the National Capital Region.

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.


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How to immigrate to Canada as an international student

One of the many ways to migrate legally to Canada is to come as an international student. The advantages of this path are its quickness and the increased chances of obtaining permanent residence. Canada is currently the top study abroad destination, according to several surveys, due to its highly ranked universities, the quality of education,Continue reading “How to immigrate to Canada as an international student”

14 great waterfront parks in Ottawa to enjoy the city

One of the best things about Ottawa is the great vast green areas, natural and man-made, in Canada’s capital. Its public parks are beautifully designed and landscaped, inviting residents to enjoy every single minute during the warmer months. The most beautiful parks in the city are the ones that are somehow connected to water: rivers,Continue reading “14 great waterfront parks in Ottawa to enjoy the city”


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