Eight reasons why I stayed in Canada

I moved to Ottawa almost three years ago with my Canadian husband after living together in Peru for 17 years. He had become homesick and at the same time, weContinue reading “Eight reasons why I stayed in Canada”

Moving in Ottawa: our experience

I hate moves. The last time I moved was when I came to Ottawa with my family. Disassembling our house in Lima was a huge job. I remember hours andContinue reading “Moving in Ottawa: our experience”

Major’s Hill: Ottawa’s loveliest park

During my first year living in Ottawa, I spent a lot of time home alone while my husband was at work and my kids at school. To avoid boredom, IContinue reading “Major’s Hill: Ottawa’s loveliest park”

A fresh guide to help know Ottawa’s neighborhoods (Part Two)

For many decades, Ottawa had the air of a small town. Basically, the city consisted of downtown and the closest neighborhoods like the Glebe, Sandy Hill, Old Ottawa South, andContinue reading “A fresh guide to help know Ottawa’s neighborhoods (Part Two)”