Ottawa vs Gatineau: where to live?

Living in the National Capital Region has an advantage: a person has access to two cities, two cultures, and two languages, as if they were one. It’s as if OttawaContinue reading “Ottawa vs Gatineau: where to live?”

8 biggest struggles as a newcomer to Canada

It’s soon going to be three years since I moved to Canada, and even though many people will think that I’m not a newcomer anymore, I still feel like oneContinue reading “8 biggest struggles as a newcomer to Canada”

Immigrants wanted: How to emigrate to Canada

Did you know that Canada’s government recently set out its plan to boost immigration for the period 2021-2023 and that the nation seeks to receive more than 400,000 immigrants eachContinue reading “Immigrants wanted: How to emigrate to Canada”

Hintonburg: Ottawa’s hipster neighborhood

The first time I was in Hintonburg it was a rainy day. I really couldn’t see much but as I lived that time in the East end of Ottawa, IContinue reading “Hintonburg: Ottawa’s hipster neighborhood”