A fresh guide to help know Ottawa’s neighbourhoods

Very soon it will be three years since I moved to Ottawa from Lima in Peru, and I must confess that I still sometimes find it difficult to get around the city without an app like Google Maps or Waze. I recognize my own neighborhood and its main streets and avenues, but there are stillContinue reading “A fresh guide to help know Ottawa’s neighbourhoods”

The best months to visit and enjoy festivals in Ottawa

Ottawa in many ways has been left out of the map where tourists favor cities like Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City or Vancouver. Many people think that Canada’s capital isn’t interesting enough, and tourists often just spend no more than a day or a day and a half to visit Ottawa. It doesn’t help at allContinue reading “The best months to visit and enjoy festivals in Ottawa”

The top 10 secondary schools in Ottawa

Secondary education is the immediate step before heading off to university, so many concerned parents want of course to look for a very good high school to guarantee their children receive the best preparation. Many people interested in moving to Ottawa from nearby cities have asked me which are the best high schools in theContinue reading “The top 10 secondary schools in Ottawa”

The 10 best elementary schools in Ottawa

One of the things that I like the most in Canada is that most kids go to the school nearest to their homes. These are often within walking distance, but the students can also use bikes or take the school bus. It’s easier and stress-free. Who wants to drive for half an hour or moreContinue reading “The 10 best elementary schools in Ottawa”