Cost of living: Is Ottawa an expensive city?

Many people who think of Ottawa as a possible city to move to, wonder what is the cost of living, especially compared to other major cities in Canada. The truth is that Ottawa is not an expensive city when compared to Toronto or Vancouver, But on the other hand it isn’t exactly  a cheap cityContinue reading “Cost of living: Is Ottawa an expensive city?”

7 great winter activities to do with kids in Ottawa

Right from the start I saw how intense and active outdoor life can be in Canada’s capital. No matter if it is summer or winter, there are always lots of interesting activities. They say, with reason, that Ottawa is a paradise for active people who enjoy the outdoors and nature and who like to involveContinue reading “7 great winter activities to do with kids in Ottawa”

Where to study English or French in Ottawa

For many immigrants who come to Ottawa, mastering the English language is a must. If a newcomer doesn’t have an advanced level, they will need to look for a language school to fill in any gaps in order to succeed in the job market. In the case the newcomer speaks good English but doesn’t knowContinue reading “Where to study English or French in Ottawa”

A list of institutions you should know about if you are a newcomer

Three years ago, when we just arrived in Ottawa, we were living in a swirl. We were frantically buying furniture, beds, mattresses, and other things to furnish our new home. We also needed warm clothing to deal with the cold climate. But there were lots of other things to do as well; paperwork and administrativeContinue reading “A list of institutions you should know about if you are a newcomer”


In the past few years, Ottawa has caught the attention of many people as an interesting place to move to, in part due to good job opportunities, and because of relatively affordable housing. That’s why Ottawa has grown a lot in recent years, and many of its residents are people who have arrived from otherContinue reading “OTTAWA: Q & A”

Exploring Britannia: history, beach, and nature in the west of Ottawa

The first time I ended up in Britannia, it was by chance. We were driving back home from the west and we took one street that led us to a charming neighborhood, with beautiful old, very well-kept houses surrounded by big, leafy trees. A sign said: “Britannia Village.” We kept wandering and eventually we cameContinue reading “Exploring Britannia: history, beach, and nature in the west of Ottawa”

Ottawa vs Gatineau: where to live?

Living in the National Capital Region has an advantage: a person has access to two cities, two cultures, and two languages, as if they were one. It’s as if Ottawa in Ontario, and Gatineau in Quebec, were Siamese twins, indivisible. And that is because they have a symbiotic relationship. What would Ottawans do if theyContinue reading “Ottawa vs Gatineau: where to live?”

Hintonburg: Ottawa’s hipster neighborhood

The first time I was in Hintonburg it was a rainy day. I really couldn’t see much but as I lived that time in the East end of Ottawa, I never had the excuse or the curiosity to come back. What a mistake. In the past month I have rediscovered Hintonburg. What I found isContinue reading “Hintonburg: Ottawa’s hipster neighborhood”

Eight reasons why I stayed in Canada

I moved to Ottawa almost three years ago with my Canadian husband after living together in Peru for 17 years. He had become homesick and at the same time, we thought moving would be a great thing for our three children. The truth is that we were not sure we would like the drastic changeContinue reading “Eight reasons why I stayed in Canada”

Moving in Ottawa: our experience

I hate moves. The last time I moved was when I came to Ottawa with my family. Disassembling our house in Lima was a huge job. I remember hours and hours of piling up things, putting them in boxes, discarding things, putting them in the garbage, giving them away or selling them. After almost threeContinue reading “Moving in Ottawa: our experience”