A fresh guide to help know Ottawa’s neighborhoods (Part Two)

For many decades, Ottawa had the air of a small town. Basically, the city consisted of downtown and the closest neighborhoods like the Glebe, Sandy Hill, Old Ottawa South, and Old Ottawa East.

Ottawans used to have the feeling that they all knew each other. But things changed once nearby towns like Vanier, Gloucester, Orleans and others were absorbed by Ottawa.

Eleven municipalities amalgamated in 2001 to form the new Ottawa, which nowadays is a city of more than one million people.

In this post, I’ll outline the most well-known of Ottawa’s neighborhoods, most of them typical suburban residential areas a bit farther away from downtown. To get the whole picture go to: https://ottawaisnotboring.com/2020/09/28/a-fresh-guide-to-help-know-ottawas-neighbourhoods/

Altavista is a highly residential neighborhood with several schools, churches, and community centers. It also has a large number of green areas. The Ottawa General Hospital, Riverside Hospital, and the Childrens’ Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) are all in Alta Vista, so many doctors and health care workers live in the area.

Vanier is located on the east side of Ottawa. Historically it was a francophone and working-class neighborhood. It’s considered one of the last relatively inexpensive neighborhoods in Ottawa, with a desirable location next to downtown. Some areas of Vanier are described as rough (usually the closer to Montreal Road the rougher), but others are quiet and nice.

Gloucester is a suburb on the east side of Ottawa.  Some of its neighborhoods are Beacon Hill, Beaconwood, and Rothwell Heights. Beacon Hill has a large concentration of anglophone and francophone schools. The most well-known school in the area is Colonel By Secondary School, the best high school in Ottawa and one that offers the International Baccalaureate IB diploma.

More about Beacon Hill: https://ottawaisnotboring.com/2021/04/27/beacon-hill-the-neighborhood-of-great-schools-in-ottawa/

Orleans is located in the East end. Originally it was a different city whose inhabitants were mostly francophones. Orleans is still expanding so there are many new building projects. It’s a nice neighborhood very close to the Ottawa river. Petrie Island beach, one of the most popular beaches in Ottawa, is in Orleans.

More about Orleans: https://ottawaisnotboring.com/2021/03/16/orleans-beauty-and-nature-in-the-east-end-of-ottawa/

Nepean is a residential neighborhood on the west side of the city that was built around the Greenbelt, so it has plenty of green space. The area has experienced rapid growth in the last few years in both residential and commercial development. Many good elementary and secondary schools are located in Nepean.

Britannia is located in the west end of Ottawa. The area is a mix of low- and high-income properties. The lower-income areas are closer to Richmond Road in the south, while the wealthier areas are located in the community of Britannia Village in the north. Houses in this area have beautiful architecture, and a number of them were designated as heritage landmarks, like the Brittania Yacht Club, one’s of Canada’s oldest yacht clubs. Britannia beach, one of the four urban beaches in Ottawa, is in this neighborhood.

More about Britannia: https://ottawaisnotboring.com/2020/12/01/exploring-britannia-history-beach-and-nature-in-the-west-of-ottawa/

Kanata is located in the West end. It’s a relatively new neighborhood. There are many new building projects. The houses are usually above average in size and many of them have pools. There are many good elementary and secondary schools in this neighborhood.

Barrhaven is located in the southwest corner of Ottawa. It’s a residential neighborhood, mostly surrounded by rural areas and farmland, that tends to attract families. Townhouses are predominant in the area but some streets have large suburban houses.

Stittsville is located to the southwest of Kanata and is a residential neighborhood that is experiencing a period of rapid growth. Many of its residents are employed in the high-tech industry.

Hunt Club is a large suburban neighborhood located in the southern part of Ottawa somewhat close to the MacDonald-Cartier International Airport. It has beautifully landscaped areas, and nice, quiet streets. 

Riverside South is located just southwest of the Macdonald-Cartier International Airport and it’s one of Ottawa’s newest and fastest-growing neighborhoods. The design of the community aims to respect the natural landscape. The neighborhood includes 750 acres of environmentally protected areas like forests, ravines, and pathways.

Many people will agree with me that Ottawa is a beautiful city surrounded by a belt of forests, called the Greenbelt, crossed by two rivers (the Ottawa and the Rideau) and the Rideau Canal, all of which provide it with amazing landscapes.

We can say then that the neighborhoods of Ottawa are all very nice. To see a map of the city go to: https://www.neighbourhoodstudy.ca/

I hope you enjoy the reading and you find the information provided usefully. If you live in Ottawa, which neighborhoods do you like the most or in what neighborhood would you like to live? Take care.

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