My first year blogging about Ottawa from an immigrant’s perspective

It’s been a year since I started a blog with a funny name.

When I started writing “Ottawa is not boring”, I didn’t imagine how long I was going to keep writing it. The teacher told us to write a blog about a topic we felt passionate about. I didn’t have to think a lot, I felt that way about Ottawa after two years of being a newcomer.

And a year has passed writing this blog where I express my admiration and love for Ottawa, which I consider a wonderful city to live in and not at all boring, and where I also write about my experience as an immigrant in Canada.

What started as an academic project for a short online course last year, led me to dig into the topic of immigrants, because soon I noticed that many of my readers were newcomers to Ottawa or potential immigrants that have started to pursue their dream of emigrating to Canada.

woman relaxing in britannia park
Relaxing in Britannia Park

Writing about the expectations, dreams, challenges and struggles an immigrant faces in adapting to a new city and to a new country was really rewarding to me because of all the feedback I received.

I feel so thankful for the comments and messages from people who started following the blog or who have found it while searching for information about Ottawa, and who have encouraged me to keep writing.

I’m glad to know that the posts I wrote were helpful in any way and I hope to keep providing good insights and information about life in Ottawa.

Parliament historic buildings in downtown Ottawa
Historic building in downtown Ottawa

And to keep delivering interesting posts, I want to ask all my readers to tell me what other topics you’d like to read here.

I also want to invite all of you to follow the blog’s accounts on Instagram and on Facebook, @ottawanotboring where I post more often about all the good things Ottawa offers to its residents.

And after a year, these are the blog’s statistics. I should mention that writing this blog proved to me that I was capable of writing in English, something that for a long time I dreaded.

Views: 38,112
Visitors: 26,691
Words: 54,793
Posts: 54
Likes: 143
Comments: 90

Rideau Canal in the Glebe neighborhood
Rideau Canal and Flora bridge in the background (Glebe neighborhood)

And here you can find all the posts from the very beginning in just one place:

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I hope you enjoy the reading.

And for now I’ll have a little break after a year writing religiously once a week, but I’ll came back with more posts about Ottawa, the summer, which is amazing in the capital city, and about life as an expat, immigrant or newcomer. Take care!

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