My story as an immigrant in Canada

I’m not the normal immigrant who comes to Canada; the one that made the decision to emigrate and put all their efforts to achieve the so desirable Permanent Residence, and who succeeds after a long and tedious process through immigration authorities.

I would like to have an interesting story of struggle and success to share with all the potential immigrants who dream of being able to live and work in Canada. Instead though, my arrival in Canada was pretty simple and easy. It was just taking the decision, packing, getting on the plane and coming here.

Why? Because I had been married to a Canadian for many years and we had a life together in Peru, so actually the real struggle was for him to convince me to move to his country. I didn’t want to move to Canada. I hadn’t lived in any other place besides Peru for all my life.

But I accepted to give Canada a try and see if I would get used to a Canadian lifestyle.

I looked at the whole experience as an adventure; an adventure that I thought would last a year or two maximum, no more. I couldn’t imagine loving Ottawa, or that I would feel so comfortable here that I wouldn’t want to come back to Peru.

If you want to know the rest of the story, click here: How a Peruvian ended up living in Ottawa. This is the first post I wrote for this blog where I explain the reasons why we chose Ottawa as our place of residence, and how I fell so in love with this beautiful city!

Are you curious why I didn’t want to move to Canada? I had doubts and many fears. I thought that those fears would prevent me from liking any life in Canada. I was so sure. The whole story is here: My biggest fears when moving to Canada.

And as a special surprise for my Spanish speaker readers, I have also told the story in a podcast. The podcast VivaCanada2021 invited me to tell my story: how I came to Canada, how my life has unfolded in Ottawa and the origin of this blog, Ottawa is not boring. It was a very nice experience for me!

If you have any questions related to the podcast, please feel free to leave them in comments. I’d love to hear from you. Take care.

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7 thoughts on “My story as an immigrant in Canada

  1. Hola Carla, me comentaste que viviste en Orleans. Entiendo que tiene una comunidad francesa significativa, si pudieras comentar sobre eso, fue en algun momento un problema? Crees que seria un problema para una familia que no habla frances. Saludos y gracias por contar tu experiencia.

    1. No, no es ningún problema! La gente aquí habla en inglés primero. Puede que algunos sean francófonos, pero hablan inglés. Yo nunca necesité usar el francés en Orleans. No te preocupes.

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