Top 10 study spots for students in Ottawa in 2022

Canada is nowadays one of the most desirable destinations to study abroad, due to the quality of its education, the affordability of its universities compared to other countries, and because it’s a way to emigrate to Canada.

Did you know that among the five top student-friendly Canadian cities is Ottawa? The capital of Canada is home to the largest bilingual university in the world: the University of Ottawa, which offers education in English and French.

Many foreigners are coming to Ottawa to study in the U of Ottawa, but also at Carleton University, and Algonquin College, one of the best colleges in the province of Ontario.

As many of the new immigrants in Ottawa are international students, this time I have a guest post about the most popular places among the students to study or work on their projects.

From coffee shops, to student centres, and even the outdoors, these places offer the opportunity to study, and enjoy and feel the city at the same time!

Enjoy the reading. Take care.

university yard
University of Ottawa

Finding the perfect study spot to get work done is always a challenge. You want to find somewhere quiet and comfortable, with limited distractions, where you can focus on your work but still have the balance of people near without feeling isolated.

Some people like to study in complete silence, while others prefer to be surrounded by noise and activity. Some people want to have a large area with tables and chairs, while others would rather sit on a couch or lay on a bed.

Especially if you’re a new student in your school or city, it can be difficult to find the perfect spot to set up camp.

Fortunately, there are many different places you can go around Ottawa to suit every individual’s study needs. Check out the top ten study spots in Ottawa, and be sure to add these to your next study spot adventure!

Café Study Spots

Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar

What better way to inspire creativity and study than being surrounded by books? That’s what you’ll get when you go to Black Squirrel: A combination of a comfy, quiet atmosphere and walls and walls of used books to peruse during your study breaks.

This spot is excellent for creative flow, but it is also an opportunity to try out all of their different café fares like coffee, espresso, cookies, and delicious sweets.

The Ministry of Coffee

With four locations in Ottawa (plus two locations in Qatar!), the Ministry of Coffee is a great place for students, whatever area of town you find yourself seeking a study spot.

They roast their own coffee, so you know you’re supporting locals while testing out
some delicious coffee options. Comfy chairs, great atmosphere, and plenty of room for a study date or check out with your friends – This café is worth checking out.

The coffee is so irresistible that you’ll be sure to grab some beans and bring them home for all your coffee needs!

Art House

This one is for all the art and music students out there – If you’re looking for inspiration during your studies, Art House Café is your spot. With music equipment around every corner, art hanging on every available space on the walls, and artistic events happening regularly, Art House is dedicated to the art lover in each one of us.

One great thing about this place is that it’s open morning and night because they serve both standard café and coffee fare, as well as food and drinks (be sure to ask what their featured house cocktail is!) This place is lively, comfortable, and ideal for any student looking for an upbeat, artistic atmosphere.

Café Cristal

Some Ottawans refer to Barrhaven as “Farhaven” because it can feel like it’s far from
the downtown area. But, we’re here to tell you that Barrhaven has just as much to offer students as any other area of Ottawa, especially when it comes to studying spots.

Quiet and calm, Café Cristal is a French-inspired café that has used beautiful Italian and French elements in every level of its’ design, from the seating area to the menu itself.

Its beautiful antique couches and chairs are the perfect place to settle down and study – Plus, their crêpes and pastries will help make writing that long paper much more bearable.

Library and Park Study Spots

view of dows lake in ottawa
Dows Lake

Ottawa Public Library

Libraries are great study spots because they provide a quiet and relaxed atmosphere where you can really focus on your studies. It’s also easy to meet up with classmates for group projects or study sessions if needed, and you don’t need to book a table or anything like that.

In fact, the Ottawa Public Library allows you to book a meeting room
for those intense study sessions. OPL is a great central meeting place for students to go.

Dow’s Lake

We had to throw at least one outdoor option into this list because some people gain
more clarity and inspiration when they are outdoors, with the fresh breeze and all!

If you’re one of those people, Dow’s Lake Pavilion is ideal for you. It’s the ideal location for Carleton University students or Envie residents, with Envie Little Italy being 5 minutes away.

Easy access from public transportation, and a recreational bike path that runs right through the area. The restaurant over the water and the pavilion will give you beautiful views of the water – and there’s plenty of green space nearby to plop down and study for a few hours.

Student-Only Study Spots

faculty of engineering university of ottawa

UOttawa’s Learning Crossroads Building

We wanted to highlight this building here for those UOttawa students that haven’t
checked it out yet. This building is one of the campus’s newest spots and has been
designed with a multimedia learning experience in mind.

The building has many different study rooms that can be booked for private learning, and there are various seating area options for students who don’t mind being around groups.

It’s comfortable, well-kept, and ideal for bustling students. There’s even a Tims downstairs if you need coffee to keep you going!

Algonquin College’s Student Commons

Algonquin students have this beautiful study space dedicated to their use. It’s open and bright, and not to mention huge: The main area alone can host upwards of 350 people.

If you’re looking to study with other students around, the comfortable chairs near the Starbucks will suit you perfectly- If you want a bit more privacy, you can head around the corner to the corner lounge.

Carleton University’s Science Student Success Center

This location is ideal for any science students who go to Carleton University. The
student success center is the student hub of the whole faculty so that you will be
studying around other like-minded students.

In addition, there are some great resources are available to you here, such as older sciences-experienced students that can help you with your study and work-related questions. So definitely be sure to check it out if you go to Carleton!

Penthouse Lounge at Envie

Envie is one of the largest student and young professional communities in Canada, and its 3 buildings provide plenty of breathtaking views and lots of study space.

If you live at any of the three Envie communities (Envie Little Italy I, Envie Little Italy II, or Envie Rideau), there are many study options available to you to help you get through the exam season grind, such as dedicated study areas and rooms where residents can study or practice your final presentations – fully equipped with screens and projectors.

Perhaps the best example of all Envie has to offer is The Penthouse Lounge at Envie
Little Italy I (101 Champagne West) – Surrounded by 360 views on the 29th floor, this is a breathtaking spot for hanging out with others in your community and getting some studying done.

With tons of different seating options, you can study at small tables, lay on couches, or host friends at the kitchen island!

Author Bio:
This article was written by Claudine Hart, Marketing Director at Envie. Envie suites is an all-inclusive village, a community, a network, and an entertainment centre designed with students and young professionals in mind.

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