TEST: Is Ottawa a boring city?

The opinion that Ottawa is a boring city, or so boring, or the most boring city in Canada, is very subjetive. So if you are just curious about this or you really want to know because you might give Ottawa a try and perhaps move to Ottawa, I invite you to play this quiz. *

Here we go!

  1. What is it your idea of a great Saturday night?

a. Partying all night long with my friends, getting drunk, and not remembering anything the next day.

b. Going to the movies or meeting my friends for some drinks and snacks.

c. Family movie nights with lots of popcorn and pizza.

2. What is your status?

a. Single and a free soul dating whomever I want.

b. Married

c. Married with a full family

3. Do you like the winter?

a. No, I hate it!

b. I tolerate it but don’t like it.

c. I like winter because I can go skiing or snowboarding.

4. How old are you?

a. Between 18 and 30 years old.

b. 31-40

c. Over 40

5. Are you an active person?

a. No, I prefer watching tv or snuggling in my bed to exercising.

b. Not much, but I like to be in shape.

c. Sports are my life!

6. How easy for you is to make friends?

a. I never take the iniciative to meet new people.

b. Normal, either easy nor difficult.

c. I am a very social person and I like to make new friends.


  • If you answered 4 or more “A”s:

Warning! Ottawa is not for you. You are going to feel stuck in what you would feel is an annoyingly slow-paced city.

  • If you answered 4 or more “B”s:

You may notice a different rythm of life in Ottawa but it wouldn’t be very difficult for you to adjust in the end.

  • If you answered 4 or more “C”s:

Congratulations! This is a dream city for you. You are going to love Ottawa!

How was it? Do you think you’d be a Ottawa lover, a Ottawa hater, or something in between? Share your thoughts!

*This is a quiz for entertainment purposes only.

Byward Market (Photo: Fernando Noriega)

Major’s Hill Park

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