How to emigrate to Canada through Saskatchewan

The first time I traveled through the Canadian province of Saskatchewan I noticed how flat the land was there. I could turn 360 degrees without seeing any elevation, no hills, no forests, and the sky seemed huge. That’s why winters in Saskatchewan are harsh since the Artic wind blows through the land without any obstacles.Continue reading “How to emigrate to Canada through Saskatchewan”

Immigrants wanted: How to emigrate to Canada

Did you know that Canada’s government recently set out its plan to boost immigration for the period 2021-2023 and that the nation seeks to receive more than 400,000 immigrants each year? So, if you have been considering moving to Canada this is a good moment to think about it seriously. In 2020 immigration to CanadaContinue reading “Immigrants wanted: How to emigrate to Canada”

TEST: Is Ottawa a boring city?

The opinion that Ottawa is a boring city, or so boring, or the most boring city in Canada, is very subjetive. So if you are just curious about this or you really want to know because you might give Ottawa a try and perhaps move to Ottawa, I invite you to play this quiz. *Continue reading “TEST: Is Ottawa a boring city?”