Six great malls and commercial areas to go shopping in Ottawa

Are you new to Ottawa and you’re finding difficult to enjoy the outdoors during winter? Do you dread the idea of going out when the temperatures drop to -20 and below? If you think winter is not for you, and you prefer to stay cozy and warm at home, sooner or later you’re going toContinue reading “Six great malls and commercial areas to go shopping in Ottawa”

14 great waterfront parks in Ottawa to enjoy the city

One of the best things about Ottawa is the great vast green areas, natural and man-made, in Canada’s capital. Its public parks are beautifully designed and landscaped, inviting residents to enjoy every single minute during the warmer months. The most beautiful parks in the city are the ones that are somehow connected to water: rivers,Continue reading “14 great waterfront parks in Ottawa to enjoy the city”

The 14 best things about living in Ottawa

Since moving to Ottawa in 2018 I have become quite fond of the city. I think Canada’s capital meets all the characteristics anyone would look for in finding the best city in Canada, that is, the ideal place to live. That’s my personal view of course. If you have kids, and you’re an active personContinue reading “The 14 best things about living in Ottawa”

Living in Ottawa: Pros and cons

Ottawa is no doubt a very beautiful city. It’s a mix of historic and majestic buildings in its downtown core, surrounded by luscious forests and crossed by three waterways. I’ve always thought that the urban designers did a great job in designing Canada’s capital. But as everything in life, nothing is perfect and no cityContinue reading “Living in Ottawa: Pros and cons”

5 great spots to go for a picnic in Ottawa

Very soon it will become the perfect time to go for a picnic in Ottawa. You know the scenario. There are trees that offer nice shade, and a green, fluffy lawn to sit on while you enjoy the warm weather and some snacks. Ottawa is a green city with vast natural areas and beautiful parks,Continue reading “5 great spots to go for a picnic in Ottawa”

My three years as a newcomer in Canada

At the end of the year, it’ll be three years since we left the big city of Lima in Peru to start a new life in Ottawa. How did it turn out? If I have to say something about the big adventure we took 3 years ago, I’d say it has turned out surprisingly well.Continue reading “My three years as a newcomer in Canada”

The top 10 secondary schools in Ottawa

Secondary education is the immediate step before heading off to university, so many concerned parents want of course to look for a very good high school to guarantee their children receive the best preparation. Many people interested in moving to Ottawa from nearby cities have asked me which are the best high schools in theContinue reading “The top 10 secondary schools in Ottawa”

15 practical facts you need to know about Ottawa

When I moved to Ottawa in 2018 I knew very little about the city. I’d already been in Ottawa as a tourist in 2015 but real life 24/7 is a totally different thing. I remember getting lost driving my car many times, just because I didn’t know that my neighborhood was in the eastern partContinue reading “15 practical facts you need to know about Ottawa”

How a family of newcomers survived their first winter in Ottawa

I always wanted to write the story about the odyssey that it was for me and my family to move to Ottawa in the middle of the winter, when we were hit with a frigid week of sub-zero weather. Our tale might help someone thinking of moving to Ottawa but who has worries and secondContinue reading “How a family of newcomers survived their first winter in Ottawa”

4 not so great things about Ottawa

Ottawa has been my home since 2018, and I find this city to be extremely beautiful and charming. I’ll always say good things about it. However, no person, no thing, no country or city is perfect, and Ottawa is no exception. So, in this post I’m going to list the things that aren’t so goodContinue reading “4 not so great things about Ottawa”