8 everyday tasks that are a struggle for newcomers during Canada’s winter

When you don’t know the winters in Canada, you can hardly imagine what it is really like to experience temperatures below zero. It’s something that you only learn when you come and live your first Canadian winter. For example I couldn’t have ever imagined that smiling on a windy winter day could make your teethContinue reading “8 everyday tasks that are a struggle for newcomers during Canada’s winter”

Five common household problems in Canadian homes

When one is an immigrant in Canada and comes from a country with very different weather in comparison, a lot of things related to Canadian houses are going to be new to you and maybe even cause a few surprises. I, for example, was not familiar with the functioning of heating or air conditioning systemsContinue reading “Five common household problems in Canadian homes”

Eight Canadian habits and cultural differences that immigrants have to learn

Emigrating is not an easy thing for anyone. Starting a new life in a different country, immersing oneself in a different culture and using a different language presents many challenges. It can range from getting used to new habits to facing big cultural shocks. Moving to Canada is a big dream for many but whenContinue reading “Eight Canadian habits and cultural differences that immigrants have to learn”

My kids’ experiences adapting to school in Canada

When moving to another country to start a new life, one of the main concerns people with families have is how well their kids are going to adapt to their new schools. Do they have a good command of the country’s language? Are they going to make new friends easily? Will they be happy withContinue reading “My kids’ experiences adapting to school in Canada”

Eight reasons why I stayed in Canada

I moved to Ottawa almost three years ago with my Canadian husband after living together in Peru for 17 years. He had become homesick and at the same time, we thought moving would be a great thing for our three children. The truth is that we were not sure we would like the drastic changeContinue reading “Eight reasons why I stayed in Canada”

My biggest fears when moving to Canada

Moving to another country is not easy. You can have great hopes and expectations of starting a new life in another country, but leaving your family, your friends, your house or your work, I mean your life as you have known it, is the hardest part. So, when it was my time to leave PeruContinue reading “My biggest fears when moving to Canada”

How a family of newcomers survived their first winter in Ottawa

I always wanted to write the story about the odyssey that it was for me and my family to move to Ottawa in the middle of the winter, when we were hit with a frigid week of sub-zero weather. Our tale might help someone thinking of moving to Ottawa but who has worries and secondContinue reading “How a family of newcomers survived their first winter in Ottawa”