How to immigrate to Canada as an international student

One of the many ways to migrate legally to Canada is to come as an international student. The advantages of this path are its quickness and the increased chances of obtaining permanent residence. Canada is currently the top study abroad destination, according to several surveys, due to its highly ranked universities, the quality of education,Continue reading “How to immigrate to Canada as an international student”

Expectations vs reality: What you should know if you’re moving to Canada

For everyone who has decided to emigrate, settling down in a new country is the adventure of our lives. Emigrating can be seen as a long held dream come true, but at the same time as a big risk or a huge mistake. No matter how good your research is before emigrating to Canada, manyContinue reading “Expectations vs reality: What you should know if you’re moving to Canada”

Eight Canadian habits and cultural differences that immigrants have to learn

Emigrating is not an easy thing for anyone. Starting a new life in a different country, immersing oneself in a different culture and using a different language presents many challenges. It can range from getting used to new habits to facing big cultural shocks. Moving to Canada is a big dream for many but whenContinue reading “Eight Canadian habits and cultural differences that immigrants have to learn”

How to migrate to Canada through the Caregiver program

It is hardly news to anyone that there is a need for people who can work as a caregivers for children and the elderly in Canada. Did you know that there are two pilot programs through which you can get a temporary work permit as a caregiver and later on obtain Permanent Residence status? TheContinue reading “How to migrate to Canada through the Caregiver program”

Where to study English or French in Ottawa

For many immigrants who come to Ottawa, mastering the English language is a must. If a newcomer doesn’t have an advanced level, they will need to look for a language school to fill in any gaps in order to succeed in the job market. In the case the newcomer speaks good English but doesn’t knowContinue reading “Where to study English or French in Ottawa”

My story as an immigrant in Canada

I’m not the normal immigrant who comes to Canada; the one that made the decision to emigrate and put all their efforts to achieve the so desirable Permanent Residence, and who succeeds after a long and tedious process through immigration authorities. I would like to have an interesting story of struggle and success to shareContinue reading “My story as an immigrant in Canada”

How to emigrate to Canada through Saskatchewan

The first time I traveled through the Canadian province of Saskatchewan I noticed how flat the land was there. I could turn 360 degrees without seeing any elevation, no hills, no forests, and the sky seemed huge. That’s why winters in Saskatchewan are harsh since the Artic wind blows through the land without any obstacles.Continue reading “How to emigrate to Canada through Saskatchewan”

A list of institutions you should know about if you are a newcomer

Three years ago, when we just arrived in Ottawa, we were living in a swirl. We were frantically buying furniture, beds, mattresses, and other things to furnish our new home. We also needed warm clothing to deal with the cold climate. But there were lots of other things to do as well; paperwork and administrativeContinue reading “A list of institutions you should know about if you are a newcomer”

3 ways to cope with the Christmas blues in Canada

One popular Christmas carol says that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It probably is, when you imagine your entire family together seated around a table full of delicious food prepared by your mother or aunts, and your kids and your nephews and nieces are excited and giggling. But if you’re anContinue reading “3 ways to cope with the Christmas blues in Canada”

8 biggest struggles as a newcomer to Canada

It’s soon going to be three years since I moved to Canada, and even though many people will think that I’m not a newcomer anymore, I still feel like one in some ways. It will always be challenging living in another country, speaking another language, trying to assimilate the customs and manners of the locals,Continue reading “8 biggest struggles as a newcomer to Canada”