Beacon Hill: the neighborhood of great schools in Ottawa

I often hear a question from people interested in moving to Ottawa:  where are the nicest neighborhoods in Canada’s capital? For people who live in Ottawa it’s kind of difficult to answer that question, not because of a lack of nice neighborhoods, but because practically all neighborhoods in Ottawa are really nice. So, my replyContinue reading “Beacon Hill: the neighborhood of great schools in Ottawa”


In the past few years, Ottawa has caught the attention of many people as an interesting place to move to, in part due to good job opportunities, and because of relatively affordable housing. That’s why Ottawa has grown a lot in recent years, and many of its residents are people who have arrived from otherContinue reading “OTTAWA: Q & A”

The top 10 secondary schools in Ottawa

Secondary education is the immediate step before heading off to university, so many concerned parents want of course to look for a very good high school to guarantee their children receive the best preparation. Many people interested in moving to Ottawa from nearby cities have asked me which are the best high schools in theContinue reading “The top 10 secondary schools in Ottawa”

15 practical facts you need to know about Ottawa

When I moved to Ottawa in 2018 I knew very little about the city. I’d already been in Ottawa as a tourist in 2015 but real life 24/7 is a totally different thing. I remember getting lost driving my car many times, just because I didn’t know that my neighborhood was in the eastern partContinue reading “15 practical facts you need to know about Ottawa”