In the past few years, Ottawa has caught the attention of many people as an interesting place to move to, in part due to good job opportunities, and because of relatively affordable housing. That’s why Ottawa has grown a lot in recent years, and many of its residents are people who have arrived from otherContinue reading “OTTAWA: Q & A”

Hintonburg: Ottawa’s hipster neighborhood

The first time I was in Hintonburg it was a rainy day. I really couldn’t see much but as I lived that time in the East end of Ottawa, I never had the excuse or the curiosity to come back. What a mistake. In the past month I have rediscovered Hintonburg. What I found isContinue reading “Hintonburg: Ottawa’s hipster neighborhood”

5 powerful reasons that’ll make you want to live in Ottawa

Perhaps you have been thinking of Ottawa as a possible place to move, but you have doubts because you’ve always heard that it’s a boring city, that there’s nothing to do or see, that is a totally uninteresting place. Wait! I live in Ottawa and I can tell you, it offers many interesting things andContinue reading “5 powerful reasons that’ll make you want to live in Ottawa”